Gatineau Park Master Plan

The Gatineau Park Master Plan is the long-term plan for the development, use and management of Gatineau Park, the Capital’s conservation park. The plan envisions Gatineau Park as a model for protecting natural and cultural heritage.

Gatineau Park Master Plan review

We will begin the review of the 2005 Gatineau Park Master Plan in 2017. Public and stakeholder consultations will take place in four phases:

Current situation and opinions on the future of the Park (Fall 2017)

  • Public Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting on October 12, 2017
  • Discussion workshop: October 19, 2017 (Ottawa) and November 1, 2017 (Gatineau)
  • Online survey from October 19 to November 14, 2017

Vision, Principles and Strategic Directions (Winter-Spring 2018)

  • Public Advisory Committee meeting April 18 2018
  • Forum April 25 2018
  • Public consultation sessions in April and May 2018
  • Online survey April 30 2018

Concept and Zoning (Winter 2019)

  • PAC meeting in January 2019
  • Presentation and workshop in January 2019

Final Plan (Winter-Spring 2019)

  • PAC meeting in April 2019
  • Online survey in April 2019

Public Advisory Committee Members

The Public Advisory Committee (PAC), formed on October 12, will meet regularly throughout the process to be an important sounding board and to share in-depth information. It is composed of a balanced representation of various areas of interest for the Park, including the environment, heritage, recreation, residents and business.


Community of interest

Sandra Beaubien


Jacques Dumont


Janet Campbell


Benoit Delage

Sustainable development

Nik Lopoukhine

Park management expert

Stephen Woodley

Environmental expert

Katharine Fletcher

Writer and historian

Gershon Rother

Local resident and Park volunteer

Michel Prévost


Sylvie Turcotte

Local resident

Tom Young

Local resident

Joanne Hamilton

Local resident

André Groulx

Regional tourism

Chris Chapman

Recreation industry

Sophie Routhier Leblanc


To be determined

Indigenous representative

Bob Brown

Advisory Committee on Universal Accessibility

Barry McMahon

Advisory Committee on Universal Accessibility

Strategic objectives for Gatineau Park

The Gatineau Park Master Plan (2005) has six strategic objectives.

  1. Environment
    Conservation of the Park’s significant ecosystems and natural environments
  2. Recreation
    Recreational experiences that respect the Park’s environment
  3. Regional integration
    As the Capital’s conservation park, Gatineau Park contributes to local environmental goals and quality of life
  4. Heritage
    Enhancement of the Capital’s heritage resources in the Park
  5. National symbol and communication
    Gatineau Park represents a Canadian commitment to environmental conservation
  6. Management
    Park management approach focused on conservation

Gatineau Park Master Plan review

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