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Because Gatineau Park and the Greenbelt are first and foremost conservation areas, it is important that all users follow the outdoor ethics code to help protect their plants and wildlife for future generations.

Follow these seven principles of outdoor ethics, and be as unobtrusive as possible, so that all users can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience.

Plan ahead and be prepared.

Plan your route carefully and bring the necessary equipment, to avoid getting caught off-guard.

Stay on official trails.

For your own safety and to avoid disturbing wildlife, stay on official trails.

Dispose of waste properly.

If there are no waste receptacles nearby, take your trash back home with you, where you can dispose of it properly. 

Leave areas, objects and plants as you found them.

Take only photos, and do not climb on stone walls or other structures. 

Do not feed animals.

Nature provides animals with all that they need: feeding them is a detriment to their health, creates a dependence on humans and increases aggressiveness. This is also true for the installation of bird feeders.

Respect plant and animal life.

Always keep your distance from wildlife, and do not frighten animals or cause them to flee. 

Be considerate of other visitors.

Maintain courtesy toward others, travel in the proper direction on trails and follow the ethics code for your activity. 

The NCC follows Leave No Trace Canada’s principles. Visit their website to find out more.