Spring has arrived in Gatineau Park. Snow is melting, nature is waking up — and people are too! Many of you want to get out and enjoy the spring air. But be careful: the Park’s plants and wildlife are fragile during the spring thaw.

Here is what you need to know to prepare for an outing in Gatineau Park this spring.

Trail conditions

Last update: April 6, 2021

In order for the trails to dry out for the summer season, people need to stay on the recommended hiking trails listed below. We will gradually announce other trails as they open for hiking this spring.

Recommended trailsStarting pointLength
Luskville FallsLuskville Falls3 km
Sugarbush TrailVisitor Centre1,9 km
Lauriault TrailP64,5 km
Pioneers TrailP31,3 km
Capital PathwayP1 ou P31,6 km
#1 (from Kingsmere road to Fortune Lake parkway)Old Chelsea picnic, P5, P76,6 km
#5P15 km
#13P80,6 km
#27P21,2 km
#29 (from #27 to Cité-des-Jeunes)P20,6 km
#30P71 km
#36P117,9 km
#50P16, P2013,5 km
#51 (from P19 to #53)P192,5 km
#52 (from #53 to #57)P172,6 km
#53P17, P198,6 km
#55 (chemin du lac-Taylor)P202,5 km
#57P170,6 km

Please note that following the first spring rains, it is not recommended to hike on trail #62 (Wolf Trail).

Important information

Gatineau Park parkways

Gatineau Park's parkways are closed to traffic. Maintenance teams begin the cleanup to prepare the parkways for summer use.


Gatineau Park’s parking lots and access roads are sometimes closed to motor vehicles to support recreation in the Park. Check for closures before you leave.

Walking and hiking

To protect the trails from erosion and widening, always stay on the trail, even if it is partially snow-covered or the ground is wet or muddy. Never walk along the edge of a trail or anywhere that is off-trail. If you use the trails, wear clothing and footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Please remain off the trails during the spring thaw period, and instead opt for the recommended trails listed above.


As of April 15, if the trails are recommended, you can walk your dog on leash on most of the official trails, except for the three trails where dogs are not allowed at any time.

Mountain biking

The mountain biking season in Gatineau Park begins on May 15 at the earliest, as long as the trails are completely dry. We’d like to remind you not to use the biking trails during the spring thaw period.


Spring is an important season of new growth and activity for plants and wildlife in Gatineau Park. Make sure you’re aware of the behaviours and practices to follow that respect other users, the environment and the plants and animals that live there.