If you have to cancel your stay because of new public health measures, you will get a full refund, including administrative fees.

Reservation policies

Reservations are accepted online, by phone (1-866-560-6133) or in person upon your arrival at the campground (based on availability, summer only).

Summer accommodations
From May 14 to October 11, 2021

Reservations accepted starting at 9 am, March 15, 2021. Between June 18 and September 5, 2021, Friday and Saturday nights must be reserved together.

Winter accommodations
From November 15, 2021 to April 15, 2022

Reservations accepted starting at 9 am, November 1, 2021. In winter, you can book only one stay per transaction.


    • Five days or more: Refunds will be issued for cancellations, and a fee of $11.50 will be charged for administration. Reservations can be changed before this date. The original reservation must be cancelled, and a new reservation must be made. Cancellation fees and reservation fees will apply.
    • Four days or less: Refunds will not be issued for cancellations, and reservations cannot be changed.

    Cancellations and refunds

    With the exception of refunds granted due to public health restrictions, if the cancellation is made within four days of scheduled arrival, refunds will not be issued for any cancellation or shortened stay, including, but not limited to, the following situations:

    • Adverse weather conditions
    • Non-recommended trails
    • Beach closure
    • Late arrival
    • Early departure
    • Ban open fires

    If the cancellation made at least five days prior to scheduled arrival, refunds will be issued for any cancellation or shortened stay, except for the following:

    • Previously changed reservations
    • A reservation during the following periods:
    • Christmas and New Year’s Day: December 23, 2021 to January 2, 2022
    • Family Day : February 18 to February 20, 2022
    • Quebec school break: February 25 to March 5, 2022
    • Ontario school break: March 11 to March 19, 2022
    • St. Jean Baptiste Day: June 23, 2022
    • Canada Day: June 30, 2022
    • Ontario Civic Holiday
    • Labour Day
    • Thanksgiving

    Rules and regulations

    Campers and visitors are expected to know and comply with all Gatineau Park rules and regulations during their stay.

    It is prohibited to possess or consume alcohol in any area other than your own campsite.

    There is no source of drinking water near the ready-to-camp units or winter campsites. You must provide your own drinking water or buy some by calling 1-866-456-3016, option 3.

    Smoking is prohibited in the ready-to-camp units and within 9 meters from a door of any building.

    Number of people
    For overnight stays in the winter, a minimum of two people is required, and at least one person must be over 18 years of age.

    Camping fee includes access for a limited number of vehicles (depending on the type of accommodation). Any other vehicle must park at the Parent beach parking or at the Taylor lake entrance, where entrance fees may apply.

    Pets are not permitted in Gatineau Park campgrounds. However, assistance animals are permitted, except on cross-country ski trails.

    Feeding wild animals (raccoons, squirrels, bears, waterfowl, etc.) is strictly prohibited. 

    Quiet hours
    Quiet hours are between 10 pm and 7 am. Please be considerate of your neighbours, and avoid making excessive noise at all times. The use of generators is not allowed during quiet hours. Patrollers are present in the campground to ensure that quiet hours are observed.

    Speed limit
    The campground speed limit is 20 km/h.

    Campfires are not permitted outside of ready to camp units between November 15 and April 16. Campfires are permitted in designated areas only. Note that for safety reasons, the Minister can ban open fires without notice.

    In winter, firewood is provided on-site but must be picked up at the location indicated on the camping map.
    Cutting trees or collecting wood from the forest is strictly prohibited. Campers are also prohibited from bringing their own firewood to the site, as firewood can often be infested with insects and disease. Firewood brought from outside the Park will be confiscated.

    Sport fishing
    Fishing is permitted, except at beaches, subject to Quebec legislation for Zone 10.

    Users must pack out all of their garbage. Waste containers and recycling bins are located in the parking lots and at the campground comfort stations.

    At all times, users are responsible for ensuring that the premises and equipment provided are kept clean and tidy. Ready-to-camp units that are not left in clean condition will be cleaned at the users’ expense.

    Guests will not be admitted to the campground after 8 pm, and must leave by 10 pm.

    Campers must set up their tent on the designated site.

    Engaging in outdoor activities involves certain risks. Be informed about safety measures in Gatineau Park, and exercise caution at all times.

    Reservation policies may be subject to change without notice, due to changes in recommended health measures. Check for updates at