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On October 4, the NCC Board of Directors met to discuss recent and upcoming projects. Here are the highlights presented in my Report on Activities.

Infrastructure Projects

We are making significant progress on the Victoria Island Remediation Project, including restoring marine habitats in the timber slide ravine.

We have also completed our work on the Sir John A. Macdonald Shoreline Project and plan to finish landscaping in spring 2023.

This fall, we took in feedback for the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Park Plan. We will begin online consultations on January 24th until February 14th. The public is also invited to drop by our community open house on February 15th.

We are finalizing plans for the redevelopment of the Ruisseau de la Brasserie in Gatineau. This will add to the dynamism of Gatineau’s downtown.

In November, we conducted archaeological impact assessments at the Albert District of LeBreton Flats. Archaeological work also continues at Westboro Beach and Victoria Island.

NCC Resources

We have completed the guide “Working with Cultural Landscapes Guide : A guide for the National Capital Region”. This document will help us evaluate cultural landscapes and make better recommendations for their conservation.

We also developed our “Capital Design Guidelines,” which will help us better measure ‘design excellence.’

The NCC’s first accessibility plan is available since December. We first presented this document to the Advisory Committee on Universal Accessibility.

We started our “Parkways Planning and Design Guidelines” this fall. This document will help us innovate on the active mobility front and ensure we are connecting our approach to changing city parkways.

Community Engagement

Daniel (Pinock) Smith demonstrating how to make a birchbark canoe at Anishinabe Nibin event in Gatineau Park.
Daniel (Pinock) Smith demonstrating how to make a birchbark canoe at Anishinabe Nibin event in Gatineau Park.

As part of Fall Rhapsody, we welcomed the return of Anishinabe Nibin (Algonquin Summer), which was organized with the support of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg.

In October, we took part in the University of Ottawa’s Archaeological Day Event. Our display of historic pre-contact artifacts was well received.

In December, we launched our 9th season of the Urbanism Lab, which brought together experts to discuss road design and sustainability in public spaces.

24 Sussex Drive

This fall, we began the process of closing 24 Sussex Drive. Work included the removal of designated substances, systems, and infrastructure. The main residence is now empty, and staff have been moved to another nearby site. Construction is expected to start in the spring.

Canadiana Fund

In December, the Canadiana Fund Committee got back together after a two-year break. For the past 30 years, the Committee has made important contributions to the Crown Collection, with donations and artworks, to the state rooms of the official residences.

Environmental Sustainability

A common loon
A common loon in Gatineau Park. The presence of loons on a lake is a good indicator of a healthy ecosystem.

In our goal to achieve net-zero emission by 2050, we will be creating a net-zero real estate portfolio to identity ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all our NCC buildings.

In an effort to strengthen our conservation footprint, we identified more than 450 hectares of NCC lands in Quebec not recognized as protected areas or valued habitats.

We are also continuing to analyze data from Gatineau Park. Results show the ecosystems are in good health. The data will be included in the five-year report of the Park’s ecosystems, which is currently underway.

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