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November 17, 2022

National Capital Region — This week, the NCC began the process of closing 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada.

The NCC is relocating residence employees and preparing the main building for abatement and other related work. Over the coming weeks, the site will be closed to provide easier access for proper planning of this work, which will include the abatement of designated substances such as asbestos, as well as the removal of obsolete mechanical, heating and electrical systems. Procurement for this project will occur over the winter months to ensure the prompt start of abatement work in Spring 2023. The work to be carried out as part of this project must be completed regardless of any future decision on the residence.

Over the years, the NCC has commissioned several reports and studies in order to plan for future work. The state of the asset is well known, and risks have been duly controlled. Today, with continuously aging and worsening materials and systems, more significant actions must be taken to mitigate matters of great concern such as potential fire hazards, water damage and air quality issues. Relocating employees and closing the site is required to prevent these concerns from materializing and to ensure the integrity of this important Classified Heritage Asset.


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