The City of Ottawa and Ville de Gatineau provide snow removal services for the NCC on sections of the Capital Pathway. Some of the cleared pathway segments are located along the Rideau Canal Skateway, and others provide important links to the pedestrian/transit system.

The remainder of the pathway network is not cleared of snow, and remains available for the enjoyment of winter activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Part of the network is groomed by community partners.

Cleared pathways and paths

Along the Rideau Canal Skateway

  • Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway, along Colonel By Drive, from the Laurier Bridge to Hog’s Back
  • Rideau Canal Western Pathway, along the Queen Elizabeth Driveway, from the Laurier Bridge to Dows Lake
  • Confederation Park

Around the Alexandra Bridge

  • Alexandra Bridge boardwalk (by the City of Ottawa)
  • De l’Île Pathway, from Saint-Rédempteur Street to Laurier Street (by the Ville de Gatineau)
  • St. Patrick Street bike lane
  • Major’s Hill Park

Around the Portage Bridge

  • Portage Bridge bike lane
  • Voyageurs Pathway, from the Portage Bridge to Laval Street


Snow removal operations reduce the life cycle of the pathways by half, due to damage and erosion caused by plowing, scraping, salting and/or sanding. In addition, the cost of snow removal is high, and the NCC’s budget and resources for its pathways are limited.

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