Six principles define how we’ll put the Sustainable Development Strategy into action.

With these, we’re sending a clear message about the way that we want to do business as we build a greener and more sustainable National Capital Region.


This commitment is complete or is on track.

Work toward this commitment has begun, but issues have arisen that will make it difficult to achieve.

Work toward this commitment has not yet begun.


Our commitments

Organize an annual regional sustainability workshop.

Apply best practices in terms of heritage and sustainability.

Challenge partners to apply these best practices, through our federal approval role.

Find financing streams to put the strategy into action.

Transparency and accountability

Our commitments

Report on progress yearly.

Recognize if it’s not possible to meet a certain target, and make changes to the action plans, as necessary.


Our commitments

Work with all levels of government, the academic community, Indigenous peoples and non-governmental organizations to find common interests and multiply resources for projects.

Build relationships, and continue the ongoing dialogue with Indigenous peoples.

Public participation

Our commitments

Host events that bring partners together for environmental engagement and capacity building.

Create a platform to collect comments on the strategy at any time.

Consult with the public every three years.

Natural capital in decision making

Our commitments

Communicate the importance of our green spaces.

Provide training about natural capital to NCC staff.

Adopt a method for natural capital accounting.

Revise the project management process and prioritization tools to include natural capital values.

Social equity

Our commitments

Train NCC staff on how to assess and enhance social equity in plans, projects and programs.

Map out vulnerable communities to guide the development of new or renewed plans, projects and programs.

Revise the project management process and prioritization tools to include social equity.

We pledge to carry out the commitments listed under each principle by 2023, and to report on progress annually.

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