The Sustainable Development Strategy lists 36 actions to be completed by 2023.

We’ve grouped them under the following 10 goals:

1. Effective action on climate change

  • We will promote low-impact transportation and development projects, and help the region adapt to climate change.

2. Low-carbon government

  • We will reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of waste created on lands we manage.

3. Modern and resilient infrastructure

  • We will improve the ability of lands and buildings we manage to withstand and recover from environmental impacts.

4. Clean energy

  • We will use energy from renewable sources.

5. Pristine lakes and rivers

  • We will protect and restore shorelines on NCC-managed lands.

6. Sustainably managed lands and forests

  • We will plant trees, control the spread of invasive species and protect natural habitats on NCC-managed lands.

7. Healthy wildlife populations

  • We will protect wildlife and wildlife habitat on NCC-managed lands.

8. Sustainable food

  • We will support eco-friendly agricultural practices and local food production on NCC-managed lands.

9. Connecting Canadians with nature

  • We will make our green spaces more accessible, and educate people about nature and conservation on NCC-managed lands.

10. Safe and healthy communities

  • We will remove pollutants from NCC-managed lands, and prevent pollution by reviewing our use of pesticides.

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