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Published on April 23, 2020

The National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Board of Directors today approved the final design for Pangishimo Park, a new 0.3-hectare destination park located on the western shore of Chaudières Island, developed in close collaboration with Algonquin partners.

Scheduled to open in spring 2021, this park will boast a universally accessible pathway network connecting the Ottawa River shoreline behind the Canadian War Museum to nearby Chaudières Falls Park, as well as a feature boardwalk and multiple lookouts to enjoy the sunset from the shoreline of the island. Its design also includes a grassy area for informal recreation, as well as naturalized play elements for children.

Pangishimo — meaning sunset in Algonquin — will incorporate art and interpretive installations designed in collaboration with Algonquin partners and Artscape, a not-for-profit organization engaged in creative placemaking. Algonquin partners have been involved in this process from the outset, contributing to the park’s unique design, including the selection of native plant species.

The Pangishimo Park project is part of a larger collaborative agreement between the NCC and Zibi, which requires the building of several public benefit elements, such as increasing the shoreline experience, developing pathways to improve connectivity and building two other adjacent parks. Once this infrastructure is built by Zibi, it will be owned and maintained by the NCC in perpetuity.

These efforts on the historic Ottawa River are part of the NCC’s overall goal to revitalize and enhance public access and connections to the islands and shorelines, and to make these places a destination of significance for residents and visitors in the National Capital Region.


  • The collaboration between the NCC and Zibi will also see the development of Mòkaham Park (meaning sunrise in Algonquin) and Tesasini Park (meaning flat rock in Algonquin) located on the east side of Chaudières Island and on the Gatineau shoreline, respectively.
  • Due to recent flooding events, these projects will require shoreline reinforcement work prior to development.


“Pangishimo Park will be a unique waterfront destination for residents and visitors to rediscover views of Capital landmarks, and experience Algonquin culture and values. The NCC is proud to partner with Zibi, Algonquin stakeholders, Energy Ottawa, the City of Ottawa and Ville de Gatineau on the design of this new public gateway on the Ottawa River.”
—Tobi Nussbaum, Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission

“We are very excited to be proceeding with the development of ‘Pangishimo,’ the first of many public parks and squares at Zibi. With its magnificent western-facing view of the Ottawa River, this park is sure to become a sunset destination for visitors and residents on both sides of the river. We are grateful to Zibi’s Algonquin Anishinabe partners, who not only helped name this important public destination, but also contributed to its unique design.”
—Jeff Westeinde, President, Zibi


Zibi is a 13.7-hectare (34-acre) waterfront community carefully designed by Dream Unlimited Corp and Theia Partners. It is a borderless neighbourhood, connecting the cities of Gatineau and Ottawa, where more than 5,000 people will live and 6,000 people will work, and containing three hectares (eight acres) of riverside parks and public squares, and more than one million square feet of commercial space. It is one of the most sustainable communities in the world, and the first in Canada to receive One Planet Living certification, a global framework developed by Bioregional and the World Wildlife Fund.


Pangishimo Park design webpage

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