Sunset at Pangishimo park

Pangishimo Park is a waterfront park located on the western shore of Chaudières Island. It is the first of three parks to be built on the shores of the Ottawa River, as part of the Zibi development.

Revitalizing the islands and shorelines of the historic Ottawa River, and increasing public access to these places, are part of the NCC’s priorities.

About the park

Pangishimo means “sunset” in Algonquin.

The 0.3-hectare park highlights Indigenous culture and heritage. Featuring art and interpretive installations, it offers an interpretive experience, and promotes an appreciation and understanding of the Algonquin culture.

Accessible year-round, the park is a natural-style public green space, with lush planting, a wooden boardwalk and spectacular vantage points. It boasts a universally accessible pathway network connecting the Ottawa River shoreline behind the Canadian War Museum to nearby Chaudières Falls Park.


  • Washrooms: Not currently available.
  • Parking: Paid parking is available at Zibi.
  • Universal accessibility: The pathways are universally accessible.

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