Cédric Pelletier

Conseiller en communications stratégiques

Thursday, June 29, 2017 7:00 am

News Release

Published on June 29, 2017

In the first six months of 2017, the National  Capital Commission has created a lasting legacy for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Since January, the NCC inaugurated seven major legacy projects, launched the Plan for Canada’s Capital 2017-2067 and welcomed more than 32,000 visitors up to mid-June at its Confederation Pavilions across the Capital region.


Celebrating Canada's 150th

The major Canada 150 legacy projects are:  

  • Rehabilitation of the Rideau Hall Forecourt and rededication of the Fountain of Hope
  • Inaugurated Pindigen Park at LeBreton Flats with Algonquin community partners
  • Inaugurated the new cycling lanes on Mackenzie Avenue
  • Completed new sustainable building at 7 Clarence in the heart of the historic ByWard Market
  • Inaugurated new plaza at LeBreton Flats featuring the restored Fleck Fountain
  • Launched the Plan for Canada’s Capital 2017-2067
  • Launched an international design competition for Nepean Point

In addition, the NCC launched 8 of 10 Confederation Pavilions—a series of architecturally significant buildings that have been brought back to life by NCC partners in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

The NCC also welcomed thousands of Canadians and international visitors to the Capital with enhanced public programs:

  • The 47th season of the Rideau Canal Skateway recorded 25,000 skaters per day this winter.
  • The Canada 150 tulip graced the Capital’s gardens, and gardens across the country, this spring.
  • Nokia Sunday Bikedays kicked off with a special car-free loop on Confederation Blvd.  


The NCC will continue its work to build a lasting sesquicentennial legacy in the coming months:

  • The International Pavilion at 7 Clarence St. will welcome exhibits from 6 diplomatic missions, starting with the Embassy of Germany open now until July 26.
  • The Authors Pavilion at the Maison Charron in Jacques Cartier Park will open on June 30 at the same time as MosaïCanada150.
  • The restoration of the O’Brien House will be completed this fall and open to the public as the Canadiana Pavilion.
  • Our design competition for Nepean Point will conclude with a public open house and jury selection of the winning design in the fall.
  • We will launch the Capital Illumination Plan 2017-2027 in September.
  • Construction will begin shortly on improved public access to Richmond Landing and the Bronson Pulp Mill ruins.
  • Special initiatives are being organized in Gatineau Park for Fall Rhapsody.


  • For Canada’s 150th anniversary, the National Capital Commission focused its efforts on building a legacy that would endure for the next 50 years of Confederation.
  • As the long-term planner and steward of Canada’s Capital Region, the NCC’s legacy projects were designed to offer Canadians a unique experience and instill a sense of pride in their Capital. The legacy initiatives include:
    • NCC Confederation Pavilions: a collection of architecturally and historically significant buildings that were transformed with the support of creative partners.
    • Capital beautification projects: lasting initiatives that enhance the Capital’s beauty including infrastructure improvements and special programs.
    • Enhanced outdoor programs: special editions of popular NCC programs including Sunday Bikedays, the Rideau Canal Skateway, and programs in Gatineau Park.
    • Partnership initiatives: the NCC is contributing to special projects that enhance the distinctive quality of Canada’s Capital Region, including MosaïCanada 150, and the restoration of the National Arts Centre and the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

The NCC’s Confederation Pavilions are:

  • The Winter Pavilion at Rideau Hall
  • The International Pavilion (presented by 10 diplomatic missions)
  • The Pioneer Pavilion at The Log Farm
  • The Global Centre for Pluralism Pavilion
  • The Geography and Exploration Pavilion
  • The Kabenishinân Minitig (Victoria Island) Pavilion
  • The Modern Architecture Pavilion at the Strutt House
  • The Ecology and Urban Agriculture Pavilion at the Moore Farm Estate
  • The Author’s Pavilion at the Charron House
  • The Canadiana Pavilion at O’Brien House