Canada’s Capital Region - The National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Board of Directors today approved the Sustainable Development Strategy, 2018–2023. This new strategy will ensure that the NCC takes action on climate change, builds resilient infrastructure, protects natural capital, promotes sustainable agriculture and safe communities, and connects Canadians with nature.

Based on extensive consultations with the public and stakeholders, the new sustainable development strategy provides a focused and innovative agenda for environmental leadership in Canada’s Capital Region. It also reflects the NCC’s commitment to protecting our natural and cultural heritage; improving the health and well-being of all residents and visitors; and working with partners, stakeholders and the public to continue building a greener and more sustainable Capital Region.

It is founded on six principles: leadership, public participation, social equity, collaboration, valuing natural capital in decision making, transparency and accountability.

The strategy establishes a strong focus on regional partnerships and improving the built environment for human health. For example, 15 of the 35 actions will be implemented in collaboration with regional partners, and a new geospatial study using a population health and social equity lens will help guide new NCC plans, projects and programs.

This new sustainable development strategy builds on the NCC’s first corporate environmental strategy, entitled Building a Greener Capital.

Quick Facts

  • The Sustainable Development Strategy contributes to 10 of the 13 goals of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and nine of the 17 goals of the United Nations Sustainable Goals.
  • Several key actions will be implemented over the next two years, including the renewal of the Capital Pathway Strategic Plan, the development of climate change projections and tree canopy cover analysis for the National Capital Region, the adoption of stormwater management guidelines, as well as the development of bird-friendly design standards.

“The NCC’s sustainable development strategy aligns with the government’s environmental commitment in seeking to conserve a sustainable, thriving and resilient Capital Region.”

 Dr. Mark Kristmanson, Chief Executive Officer

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