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Dominique Jolicoeur

Content Strategist

Updated on September 23, 2021

It’s fall harvest once again in Canada’s Capital Greenbelt. Colourful root vegetables, crisp apples and festive pumpkins are ready for picking. Yet that’s not all. Greenbelt farmers have organized many activities to make your fall outings even more cozy. Keep reading to find out what these unique farms have in store for sweater weather season.

Please note that due to COVID-19, visitors must now book a specific time to visit and take part in events. You can still visit most farm stores without booking.

The Log Farm

670 Cedarview Road

Step into the 1860s at the Log Farm, Ottawa’s only working pioneer farmstead. This adventure-filled farm features weekly family programming and a wide range of animals: cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and barn cats.

On Saturdays, you can also enjoy a local farmers’ market. Starting September 12, there will be a corn maze, wagon rides, scarecrows and more.

The BeetBox Cooperative Farm

230 Davidson’s Side Road, Shirleys Bay

The BeetBox farm in Shirleys Bay offers fresh organically grown produce of all kinds. From leafy greens, spinach and herbs, to carrots, squash and pumpkins. It is truly a veggie lovers’ paradise. This fall, BeetBox will be hosting live music under the stars, as well as barbecues and more.

Russander Farm

5039 Russell Road, Carlsbad Springs

This fall, give a warm welcome to one of the newest additions to the Greenbelt farms family: Russander Farm. As well as offering fresh vegetables, the farm is a delight for children who love animals. Meet the llapacas, goats, rabbits — and Rodeo, the donkey! Feeling a little “country”? Join in on an old-fashioned hoedown under the stars, with live music and square dancing.

Gees Bees Honey Company

538 River Road

Taste the beauty of the Greenbelt at Gees Bees Honey Company. This popular farm produces several types of local honey, each with a distinctive flavour. Available at the farm store or online, pick up a golden jar of locally sourced honey, or visit the grounds and take a stroll through the pollinator gardens.

Maple Hill Urban Farm

200 Moodie Drive

Enter the labyrinth at Maple Hill Urban Farm, and explore the famous 4-hectare (10-acre) corn maze! Just in time for Halloween, this dynamic farm also features a pumpkin patch and farm tour. Looking for something different? Then, goat yoga may be perfect for you — or you can take a walk with the alpacas before meeting the other farm animals.

Kiwan Farms

3528 Hawthorne Road

Get ready for Halloween at Kiwan Farms! This local farm grows hundreds of pumpkins to light doorsteps across Ottawa, which are available to purchase come early October. You won’t want to miss out on the Kiwan Pumpkin-Carving Showdown, where the Kiwan siblings have their annual pumpkin-carving contest — and you get to vote for your favourite!

Ottawa Farm Fresh

2811 Ramsayville Road

Ottawa Farm Fresh will be hosting their second annual Carrot Fest on September 25. There will be food, music — and a whole lot of carrot pulling! Jonathan and Jolianne have also curated some delicious recipes on their website for you to try. So, stop by for fresh organic produce that will make your fall meals the talk of your family and friends.

Just Food

2391 Pepin Court

Discover a world of local agriculture at Just Food, Ottawa’s not-for-profit agricultural incubator farm. Join a community garden, meet local growers, and take part in a range of workshops and community programming.

Farms in the Greenbelt are a symbol of Canada’s rural traditions, and they provide an example of how to practise viable and diverse agriculture in a near-urban setting. To discover more farms and unique experiences in the Greenbelt, check out the Greenbelt Farm Fresh web map.