On April 23rd, the NCC Board of Directors met via videoconference to discuss recent and upcoming projects.

Here are the highlights presented in my Report on Activities.

Major Infrastructure Program

  • At the National Capital River Pavilion, the pedestrian bridge has been installed and structural support work had been ongoing within the building. This project is now on hold due to COVID-19 measures.
  • Work continues on the Kichi Zībī Mīkan LeBreton Bridge. Precautions are being taken to ensure all workers are as safe as possible. Formwork installation is in progress.
  • The Britannia Pathway Wall is substantially complete and ready to contend with potential spring flooding. Landscaping and applying asphalt to the path will be carried out later.
  • In-water work at the Blair Road Boat Launch has been completed.
  • On Victoria Island, design is under way for shoreline repairs under and west of the Portage Bridge.
  • The Lac Philippe access road is substantially complete.

Rideau Hall Skating Rink and Winter Pavilion

  • The rink closed for the season on March 16 after one of the longest skating seasons at Rideau Hall in memory.
  • The artificial surface opened on December 7 for a total of 81 skating days, and more than 6,500 skaters used the rink this season.

Ottawa River South Shore

  • A preferred draft concept for a Westboro Beach Pavilion has been identified, and a site plan and zoning application are being prepared for submission to the City of Ottawa.
  • Further public consultations will be announced as soon as possible.

Rideau Canal Skateway

  • The 50th season ended on February 26, and special events and features marking the anniversary were very well-received.
  • Amid challenging weather, the Skateway was open for 31 days of skating, with almost 400,000 visits this year.

Winter Trails

Skiers on the SJAM Winter Trail
Skiers on the SJAM Winter Trail
  • The NCC is now partnered with six volunteer-driven community organizations, resulting this year in more than 75 kilometres of trails being groomed on the Kichi Zībī Mīkan Winter Trail, in west Ottawa, Ski Heritage East, in the east end, and now the Britannia Winter Trail and the Rideau Winter Trail.

Parliament Centre Block

  • Public Services and Procurement Canada intends to appear before ACPDR in May to present a revised design concept for the Visitor Welcome Centre Complex and landscape related to the department’s request for approval for the excavation required for the project.

Parliamentary Precinct Block 2

  • Public Services and Procurement Canada intends to launch an open, two-phase design competition for the redevelopment of Block 2, the section of the Parliamentary Precinct bounded by Wellington Street on the north, Sparks Street on the south, O’Connor Street on the west, and Metcalfe Street on the east.
  • ACPDR will be consulted throughout the design competition and subsequent design development process.

Long Term Strategic Interprovincial Transportation Plan

  • The NCC has selected a consultant via RFP to develop this plan, in partnership with the Cities of Ottawa and Gatineau, the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and Public Works and Procurement Canada.

Ottawa Light Rail Stage 2

  • The NCC continues to review design submittals for all elements of the project that affect federal lands, and the City of Ottawa is expected to seek NCC approval at 60% and 90% of design development during the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.

Capital Pathway Strategic Plan Review

  • The review of the Capital Pathway Strategic Plan is nearly complete. This new vision for the management and operations of the Capital Pathway Network will be presented to the Board for approval following a final round of public online consultation.

Gatineau Park Master Plan Review

  • A draft of the revised plan was presented to ACPDR in February, and is expected to come before the public for consultation this summer.

Forest Strategy

  • The NCC is preparing an 80% draft for online public consultation before it is presented to the Board.

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