• Images require bandwidth to download as part of a web page
  • The larger the image, the more bandwidth is required
  • Large images are slower to download then smaller images
  • A page with large images will load slowly
  • This causes a negative user experience, and effects our SEO in a bad way
  • Users like web pages that load quickly
  • If you want to add an image to a page, make sure it is no bigger then it needs to be
  • Images should generally be less then 100kb in size for fast loading
  • If you do not know how to do this, contact the Web Team and we will help you

Image Transforms

  • When adding an image to a page, the popup that lets you select the image will have an option to select an Image Transform
  • These transforms will limit the size of the image as it is sent to the user's computer
  • Select a transform for these images that is suitable for the image you are using
  • Using these transforms is VERY HELPFUL in limiting image sizes and speeding up page loads
  • Using these transforms is part of our best practices for web content
  • If you are having difficulties with this, contact the Web Team and we will help you