The 2019 federal budget directed the NCC to refresh existing studies on potential corridors for an additional crossing between Ottawa and Gatineau.

We have completed the refresh of the 2013 technical study on three potential corridors that were previously identified as having the most potential:

  • Kettle Island (Corridor 5)
  • Lower Duck Island (Corridor 6)
  • McLaurin Bay (Corridor 7)
Map of three potential crossing locations

About the refresh

The refresh addresses new transportation data, updated air quality modelling techniques, land use and property plans, and other socio-economic data.

The refresh considered only technical elements of a potential sixth interprovincial crossing. It does not include a recommendation for a specific corridor.

Key findings

Transportation Study

  • Major findings remain largely unchanged from previous analysis
  • C5 found to attract the most transit trips
  • C6 found to attract the most traffic to new bridge as well as away from existing bridges
  • C5 found to attract the most truck trips

Noise and Vibration Report

  • Consistent with 2013 findings
  • C7 to have the least impact

Air Quality Report

  • Consistent with 2013 findings
  • C5 expected to have the lowest concentration of pollutants, followed by C7 then C6

Land Use and Property Report

  • C6 found to impact the least area, marginally followed by C5 and C7
  • 2013 report C5 had the smallest area of impact

Economic Development Potential Study

  • Consistent with 2013 findings
  • C7 has the most potential for new jobs

Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat Report

  • Relatively unchanged

Natural Environment Report and Addendum

  • C5 and C6 found to have the least constraints
  • Both present moderate constraints

Indigenous History Report

  • No constraints with any corridor

Next steps

These refreshed technical studies will inform any future considerations of this project. Further planning would include the following:

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