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As a regional director for Integral Group, Chris Piché is responsible for directing the development of regional strategic and business plans consistent with the established mission, vision, core values and strategic plan of the firm. He ensures their proper execution in close collaboration with the local leadership within each design studio. Chris brings a broad understanding of high-performance systems to each project. His approach is rooted in the philosophy that environmentally responsible design must constantly evolve to suit the technology available, in balance with the client’s goals and objectives. A professional engineer with 20 years’ experience, Chris thrives in a team environment, and implements an integrated team approach with every client. He leans into each opportunity with the belief that every project — whatever the size, scope, budget or goals — is an opportunity to deliver something impactful. With that in mind, Chris’s work over the past decade has been focused on the relationship between resiliency, energy and water resource consumption, and the ability to positively impact the built environment for the occupant.

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