As the official gardener of Canada’s Capital, the NCC is responsible for designing the beds and planting close to one million tulips of 100 varieties, in 120 flower beds, across  30 different locations.

Discover Tulips in the Capital

Here are our top spots for tulip gazing in the Capital:

Commissioners Park

As this park is our major tulip display site, there are 30 planting beds, with over 100 varieties of spring bulbs. Early-, middle- and late-season tulips are strategically distributed to ensure that we have a beautiful display of tulips throughout the month of May. 

Parliament Hill

The tulips blooming here are “Canada 150” (white with red flames), “Canadian Liberator” (red) and “Double Gudoshnik” (buttery yellow to salmon, orange and red).

Major's Hill Park

Major’s Hill Park is the second-most exceptional site to see tulips blooming in the spring. A warm red, orange, hot pink and yellow palette fills the tulip beds at Major’s Hill Park.

Olympic Garden

Along the Rideau Canal, you will find the Olympic Garden. In the spring, “Olympic Flame” tulips are paired with “Jan Seignette,” a tulip with reversed colours surrounding the bronze statue bearing an Olympic torch.

Maplelawn Garden

At the Maplelawn Garden, you will find the Canadian-grown tulips “White Chocolate” and “Blushing Belle.” They are middle-season, solid-colour blooms.

Canadian Museum of History

At the Canadian Museum of History, across from Jacques-Cartier Park, a display of late-season peony tulips in bright cheerful colours can be seen, welcoming travellers on the Quebec side of the Alexandra Bridge.

This map can help you identify the many locations of our tulip beds.

Discover Tulips in the Capital

The NCC, official gardener of Canada's Capital, showcases close to one million tulips in Canada's Capital Region. This map can help you identify the many locations of our tulip beds.

#“Liberation75” Tulips

The NCC, Canadian Tulip Festival and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands with the “Liberation75” Tulip.

A bright orange tulip with crown-shaped petals, the "Liberation75" is an early-mid blooming, hearty flower, that displays your proud support of the Canadian Armed Forces while honouring the fallen Canadians of the Liberation of the Netherlands.

The goal is to cover the country in 1.1 Million “Liberation75” Tulips in honour of the 1.1 million Canadians who served during the Second World War. 

As a proud partner, the NCC will be purchasing 100,000 Official NCC “Liberation75” Bulbs. 75,000 of these bulbs are to be planted in Ottawa at the Civic Hospital, the Perley & Rideau Veteran's Health Centre, Beechwood Cemetery, St Andrew Church and the Royal Gift bed at Commissioners Park. The remaining 25,000 will be offered to Lieutenant Governors in each Province and Territory and to the Canada’s Capital Cities Organization’s participant members.

All Canadians are welcome to preorder these limited edition  bulbs online, plant them this Fall before the ground freezes and share the blooms with us in Spring 2020.

To learn more about the tulip tradition and the friendship that links the Netherlands and Canada, please visit the  “Tulip Legacy” Exhibit, presented by Canadian Heritage and the website of the  Canadian Tulip Festival.