In June 2021, the NCC published the 2021 Official Residences of Canada: Asset Portfolio Condition Report.

The report gives an overview of the condition of Canada’s official residences. The overall state of these heritage properties continues to deteriorate due to years of chronic underfunding. Investments are urgently needed to rehabilitate these culturally and historically significant properties for the benefit of Canadians.

The report shows that, to properly and effectively manage, maintain and preserve all the official residences, the NCC needs the following:

  • $175 million over 10 years to restore all six properties to “good” condition and in accordance with federal accessibility and sustainability legislation.
  • $26.1 million annually for ongoing maintenance, repairs and renovation projects, in line with Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat standards for real property maintenance.

A property-by-property analysis shows that the following investments are needed to restore each of these main residences to “good” condition:

  • 24 Sussex Drive is in “critical” condition, needing $36.6 million.
  • Harrington Lake is in “fair” condition, needing $1.16 million
  • Rideau Hall is in “fair” condition, needing $31 million
  • Stornoway is in “fair” condition, needing $1.25 million
  • The Farm is in “poor” condition, needing $1.34 million
  • 7 Rideau Gate is in “fair” condition, needing $1.41 million

The entire portfolio also includes 49 secondary buildings, with a total gross area of about 25,000 square metres.

All of the buildings are designated “classified” or “recognized” heritage buildings by the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office (FHBRO), showing the national significance of the portfolio.

The Six Official Residences

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