Red flag

The Skateway will not open this winter.

Despite all the efforts by our teams, our latest ice tests show that the Rideau Canal Skateway remains unsafe for skating.

We share everyone’s disappointment with this outcome. We already look forward to welcoming you to the world’s largest skating rink next winter.

Ice Conditions By Section

Status Section Maintenance

Ice Condition Definitions

  • Limited number of pressure cracks
  • Overall ice is very hard and durable
  • Clean ice with a smooth surface
  • Very good gliding surface
  • Limited number of rough areas
  • A few pressure cracks
  • Hard ice surface
  • Clean ice with a number of smooth surface areas
  • Good gliding surface
  • Some patchy or rough areas
  • Many pressure cracks
  • Worn/soft ice surface, due to mild temperatures
  • Snow accumulation on the ice or/and a “pebbled” surface
  • Poor gliding surface
  • Numerous pressure cracks, due to mild temperatures
  • Soft ice surface with several rough or “soft/wet spots”
  • Risk of skate blades digging in and “scarring” the surface

When the skateway is open, ice conditions are updated twice daily, at approximately 8 am and 4 pm. For all other questions, contact us.