Pedestrians, runners, cyclists, in-line skaters, wheelchair users and people with mobility impairments who share the pathway should follow these rules to help keep the pathways safe and fun for everyone.

A little courtesy goes a long way

All pathway users should be considerate of other users. Cyclists, in-line skaters and skateboarders must yield to pedestrians.

How to Share the Path

Be safe

Different pathway users travel at different speeds. Travel at speeds that allow you to react in time for whatever might arise. (Maximum 20 km/h)

Be cautious
Keep right, pass left. No matter which way you’re going on a shared path, keep to the right. Faster users should pass on the left. Don’t swerve around and between other users.

Don’t block the path
Keep things moving in both directions, and make sure that there’s room for others to pass. Pedestrians must walk no more than two abreast, and cyclists must ride in single file. Please move completely off the pathway when stopping.
Be predictable
Sound your bell or call out when passing. Know and use the cycling hand signals. If you want to pass, clearly and politely communicate your plans to other users so that they have time to react. When someone lets you know that they are passing from behind, acknowledge that you heard them, and be sure to keep right.

Be alert
Look and listen. The first defence against accidents is to be aware of your surroundings. Put your headphones and phone away, so that you can hear others who may want to pass. Check behind and ahead of you before moving across the pathway or turning.
Be visible in the dark

Lights and reflectors on pedestrians, bikes and pets allow other users to see where you are, especially at night or when visibility is poor. Wear reflective clothing.

Pet owners, leash your dog.
Keep pets on a short leash, and clean up after them. Remember that neither the animal nor the leash should block the path. Skiing, skating or cycling with your dog is not allowed on the pathway.

Rules for electric power-assisted vehicles

Here are the devices permitted and prohibited on the Capital Pathway and parkways when they are open for active use only.


  • Electric power-assisted bicycles (“e-bikes”), with operable pedals, that resemble conventional bicycles
  • Electric power-assisted cargo bicycles (“cargo e-bikes”), with operable pedals, for personal use
  • Motorized mobility aids, including but not limited to powered wheelchairs and scooters with three to five wheels


  • Electric power-assisted cargo bicycles for commercial use
  • Electric kick-style scooters
  • All devices that are exclusively powered by a throttle
  • All other electric-powered vehicles that are not specified above

Safety tips

  • Cyclists: Wear a bicycle helmet.
  • In-line skaters: Use wrist guards, and elbow, knee and head protection. Watch out for cracks in the asphalt. The use of poles is prohibited.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Capital Pathway, and know your route.
  • Stay on the designated multi-use pathways, and avoid isolated areas.
  • Tell others where you are going.
  • Carry a cellphone or whistle.
  • Call 911 immediately if you suspect that you or someone else might be in danger.

We care about making active transportation enjoyable for all, by creating spaces that are fun, accessible, safe, and environmentally friendly.   

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