Know before you go

The roads leading to the lookouts are open to motor vehicles on a variable schedule. Check out the parkway schedule before leaving.

Champlain Lookout

Champlain Lookout, at the top of Eardley Escarpment on the Champlain Parkway, offers the best-known and most popular view in Gatineau Park.

Étienne Brûlé Lookout

The Étienne Brûlé Lookout, also on the Champlain Parkway, offers a stunning view of the Ottawa River. The area is a popular picnic location, and it connects to hiking and mountain biking trails.

Huron Lookout

The Huron Lookout is the first lookout you see when driving along the Champlain Parkway toward Champlain Lookout. From this place on the Eardley Escarpment, you can see the Aylmer section of Gatineau and the west end of Ottawa.

Pink Lake Lookout

The Pink Lake Lookout offers a view of one of the most mysterious lakes in the Park. You can learn about its interesting ecology, and further explore the landscape by taking the trail that leads around the lake.

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The National Capital Region's conservation park, has many unique and diversified ecosystems and heritage features. Discover the Park’s key points of interest on the map tour.

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