Canada’s Capital Greenbelt
 in Ottawa is an ideal location for a picnic. Escape to nature, and stop for a snack in one of the Greenbelt’s sectors that boast great picnic areas. Some of the picnic areas are sheltered, and all picnic areas have outhouses.

Shirleys Bay Conservation Area

At Shirleys Bay, there are sheltered and unsheltered picnic areas by parking lot P1 and the Shoreline Trail.

Stony Swamp Conservation Area

Explore the trails at Stony Swamp, and stop for a picnic at one of three picnic areas. There are unsheltered picnic areas by the Old Quarry Trail (P5) and Jack Pine Trail (P9), and both sheltered and unsheltered picnic areas by parking lot P7 and the Sarsaparilla Trail.

Southern Farm and Pinhey Forest

At Southern Farm and Pinhey Forest, you will find an unsheltered picnic area near Trail 32 (P15).

Mer Bleue Conservation Area

After taking a self-guided tour on the Mer Bleue Bog Trail, enjoy a picnic in one of the sheltered or unsheltered picnic areas by parking lot P22. There are also unsheltered picnic areas by P20 and P21 parking lots, and one by Carlsbad Springs (P24).

Pine Grove Forest

An unsheltered picnic area is located at parking lot P18, by trails 43 and 44.

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