Take a break from your outdoor adventures at one of the picnic areas in Gatineau Park.

The parkways are open to motor vehicles and active users according to a variable schedule. Don’t forget to check on hours and access routes before heading out.


  • Dogs and pets are not permitted in the Gatineau Park picnic areas.
  • Do not feed animals. Nature provides them with all that they need.
  • If there are no waste receptacles nearby, take your trash back home with you, where you can dispose of it properly.

Picnic areas with a barbecue

Other picnic areas


  • Parking: Free or paid parking is available near each picnic area.
  • Fees: Picnic areas are free. Vehicle access fees apply at beach and Mackenzie-King Estate parking lots.
  • Washrooms: There are outhouses at each picnic area.
  • Universal accessibility: All picnic areas and outhouses are universally accessible, with the exception of those at Church Hill, Luskville Falls and O’Brien Beach.

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