Raccoons, black bears and other wild animals in the park are easily attracted by the smells at the campgrounds. Sure, they’re cute, but human food harms their health, creates dependency on humans and increases their aggressiveness. Help keep them away from campsites by following these instructions during your stay.
Raccoon on a tree.
  • Store all food and any other items that have an odour in the trunk of your vehicle. This includes shampoo, toothpaste and beauty products.
  • Keep any garbage in your trunk until you are ready to dispose of it in the waste receptacle. Make sure to do so before nightfall.
  • Close windows at your campsite before leaving for an outing; including those in trailers and pop-top roofs.
  • At La Pêche Lake, hang food, garbage and other items with the lifting pole provided at each canoe-camping site. This is a requirement.
  • Do not eat inside your tent.
  • Clean dishes promptly after use.
  • Never feed wildlife.

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