The NCC remains committed to redeveloping LeBreton Flats to the highest standards of design, accessibility, sustainability and connectivity.

The NCC Board of Directors has resolved to terminate the preferred proponent term sheet, which was signed January 19, 2018, between Rendez-Vous LeBreton Group (RLG) and the NCC. Termination is effective 30 days following the issuance of the notice to this effect

The Board of Directors’ is seized with the future of LeBreton Flats, and it is making sure that it is in a position to move quickly to maintain momentum on this important project. The termination of the term sheet will allow the NCC to proceed with the next steps in the redevelopment process at its next public Board meeting in January. This is also consistent with the commitment made at the NCC’s last public Board meeting in November.

Quick Facts

  • The partners in RendezVous LeBreton Group, composed of Trinity Development Group Inc. and Capital Sports Management Inc., advised the National Capital Commission on November 8, 2018, about unresolved internal issues in their partnership.
  • At its last public meeting in November, the National Capital Commission’s Board of Directors announced the intention to proceed with the next steps in the LeBreton Flats redevelopment process, either within the established solicitation process or with a new process, at the next public Board meeting, which is scheduled for late January 2019.

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