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Published on June 25, 2020

The National Capital Commission (NCC) is committed to working with its partners, stakeholders and the public to collectively build a greener and more sustainable Capital Region. The NCC has moved forward on 31 of the 36 planned actions, and the second annual report on the Sustainable Development Strategy provides details on our continued successes and the steady progress being made toward achieving the Strategy’s goals.

Presented today at the public meeting of the Board of Directors, the report follows the recent release of the Report on climate projections in the National Capital Region, which will assist our collective efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change. This report marked the completion of Phase 1 of the NCC’s climate change adaptation initiative, a key action of the Strategy.

In addition to ensuring that our planning efforts help the Capital Region to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, the Sustainable Development Strategy aims to preserve the region’s natural environment for future generations, improve access to green spaces, support sustainable transportation and foster regional food security.

Highlights of the Sustainable Development Strategy, 2019–2020 Annual Report

Under the low-carbon government goal

  • Since 2015, the NCC has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 57 percent. For example, all fleet vehicles purchased were zero-emission or hybrid vehicles.

Under the effective action against climate change goal

  • Using newly acquired climate projection data acquired in early June 2020 in partnership with the City of Ottawa, the NCC will conduct a climate risk assessment of its assets and programs, and create an adaptation and resiliency plan. This will help maximize the resilience of built infrastructure, natural assets and human health.

Under the sustainably managed lands and forests goal

  • In partnership with the City of Ottawa and Ville de Gatineau, and with expertise from the University of Vermont, the NCC released a report in September 2019 that assessed forest cover in the National Capital Region. It found that NCC green spaces greatly increase the overall regional tree canopy. The report will inform the creation of a forest strategy for NCC-managed lands.

Under safe and healthy communities

  • Work on the remediation and renaturalization of Victoria Island — a place of special significance to the Indigenous peoples in Canada’s Capital Region — continues to move forward, as does the restoration of the region’s other shorelines.

Under the sustainable food goal

  • A total of 138 hectares of Greenbelt farmlands were converted to food production, bringing the total area of converted land to 461 hectares.


  • Contributing to 10 of the 13 goals of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, the NCC’s Sustainable Development Strategy is founded on six principles: leadership, public participation, social equity, collaboration, valuing natural capital in decision making, transparency and accountability.
  • The Sustainable Development Strategy is supported by 36 actions, focusing on climate change action, building resilient infrastructure, protecting biodiversity and water quality, promoting sustainable agriculture and safe and healthy communities, and connecting Canadians with nature.
  • As a demonstration of our environmental leadership, in December 2020, the NCC will become one of only two Crown corporations that are designated entities under the Federal Sustainable Development Act.


“The NCC is uniquely positioned to provide a focused and innovative agenda for environmental leadership in Canada’s Capital Region. Our Sustainable Development Strategy serves as an overarching element included in all our plans, strategies, policies and operations. It also reflects the NCC’s commitment to working with our partners, stakeholders and the public to ensure that current generations and those that follow will inherit a capital that is stronger, healthier, greener and more resilient.”

—Tobi Nussbaum, Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission

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