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Published on October 5, 2021

The National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Board of Directors today approved the Ottawa Hospital’s new Civic Development Master Site Plan. Scheduled to open in 2028, the new Ottawa Hospital envisions a world-class health-care facility that will be among the largest and most advanced in Canada. The federal land use and design approval granted today requires that each phase of development for the new Ottawa Hospital:

  • demonstrate positive urban integration and compatibility with its surroundings
  • minimize tree removal
  • enhance pedestrian and cycling connectivity
  • provide seamless and weather-protected connectivity to the Dows Lake LRT station
  • ensure that the green roof is maintained, and that it remains accessible for public use
  • integrate measures to ensure that, by 2048, 65 percent of the people arriving at the site do so via transit, or by walking or biking.

The NCC’s design principles and performance criteria were used during the evaluation of the Master Site Plan and contributed to preserving and reinforcing the site’s landscape with additional robust vegetated buffers and plantings, as well as incorporating an urban edge along Carling Avenue to accommodate transit use.


  • The site of the new Ottawa Hospital is a 20-hectare (50-acre) federal property located at the eastern edge of the Central Experimental Farm on Carling Avenue near Dows Lake. The land within the site boundaries is owned by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).
  • The proposed Master Site Plan includes the primary hospital building, a parking garage capped with a publicly accessible green roof, a central utility plant positioned below grade, a research tower and mixed-use development along Carling Avenue, as well as a proposed connection to the Dows Lake LRT station.
  • In 2017, the NCC approved a series of design principles, that were further elaborated in project-specific performance criteria to clarify expectations and desired outcomes.
  • In 2021, the Master Site Plan was presented to the NCC’s Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty, which emphasized the importance of ensuring accessibility from transit for those with limited mobility, ensuring public amenities along the pedestrian link between transit and the hospital, maintaining public access to Maple Drive, and enhancing the landscape buffer along the site boundary adjoining the Central Experimental Farm.



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