Dominique Huras

Strategic Communications Advisor

Thursday, April 19, 2018 7:00 am

Chelsea, April 19, 2018 – The Municipality of Chelsea and the National Capital Commission announce the signature of a memorandum of understanding formalizing the collaboration between both parties in areas of mutual interest.

This three-year agreement will ensure better dialogue in an effort to provide optimal service to residents and visitors of Chelsea and Gatineau Park. In addition to identifying strategic and operational areas of mutual interest, the memorandum of understanding specifically proposes to establish the principles, policies and practices instituted between the two organizations. A governance structure has also been developed to guide and support this memorandum of understanding at every level: political, strategic and operational.


“The Municipality of Chelsea is very pleased with this partnership which will benefit all residents. The Municipality of Chelsea and Gatineau Park are geographically connected, and it is therefore only natural that we should assess how we can best pool our efforts and benefit from the expertise of each other. I am confident that this new partnership will allow us to provide better service to all residents and visitors, and to achieve a high standard of sustainable development and client experience.”

 Caryl Green, Mayor of Chelsea

“With over 2.6 million visits a year, Gatineau Park, a conservation park, holds an important role in the life of the National Capital Region and even more so in the life of Chelsea. The National Capital Commission is therefore proud of this partnership with the Municipality of Chelsea, which will allow us to continue working together more effectively towards our common goals for a healthy park, a flourishing municipality and good quality of life for everyone.”

 Mark Kristmanson, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission (NCC)

Source: Municipality of Chelsea

Information: Maude Prud’homme-Séguin
T. 819 827-6215
C. 819 664-2930

Source: National Capital Commission

Information: Dominique Huras
T. 613 239-5678, ext. 5870
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