In order to ensure that early public feedback shapes the direction of the Master Concept Plan, the NCC conducted a public consultation in the summer of 2019. The consultation report is now available.

The in-person consultation at the Canadian War Museum on June 18 was structured around a series of five interactive activities. These aimed to provide participants with opportunities to share their thoughts, ideas and vision for LeBreton Flats and to react to the project’s draft guiding principles. Approximately 400 people attended the event. View the information presented at the June 18 open house.

An interactive online survey was developed to allow interested Canadians from across the country to participate online. More than 2,000 people participated in the survey between June 18 and July 2, 2019.

The input from the public consultation is currently being directly incorporated into the process of creating a refreshed and modernized Master Concept Plan for LeBreton Flats.

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