The City Nature Challenge is an international effort for people to find and document plants and wildlife in cities around the globe.1

Usually, the City Nature Challenge is a competition between cities around the world. However, in light of COVID-19, the 2020 edition is not a competition. Instead, the focus has shifted to the value of nature in our lives and the collaborative aspect of sharing observations online.


Are you up for the challenge?

From April 24 to 27, 2020, take pictures of wild plants and animals and submit them to iNaturalist. All observations submitted to iNaturalist within that time frame will automatically be added to the challenge.

How to participate

Step 1: Download the iNaturalist app

If you prefer to submit your observations from a computer, you can do so via the iNaturalist website.

Step 2: Take pictures

Pro tip: If you are taking pictures and submitting your observations with your mobile phone, enable location permissions for your record to be automatically georeferenced.

3: Share on iNaturalist

At this point, you don’t need to identify the species you have observed.

From April 28 to May 3, participants from all over the world will contribute to adding scientific names to the recorded observations. When several people agree, the record becomes “research grade” which makes it relevant for research worldwide.


To ensure the safety and health of all participants, please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Explore your own backyard and local neighbourhood within the National Capital Region to record observations.
  • Obey signage in place, and do not try to access closed areas.
  • Follow public health advice on physical distancing and non-essential travel.
  • Do not gather.

Please try to avoid posting observations of captive or cultivated organisms, especially trees and plants that are in gardens and arboretums. If you really want to include them, just be sure to tick the “captive/cultivated” box for the observation.

Stay connected

Use #CityNatureChallenge to share pictures of your local outings on social media.

Find the National Capital Region group on any of the following:

Contact email: