Every project gets paired with an NCC representative who leads the review and approval process. Our staff are experts at making your proposals successful and compliant.

To start the FLUDTA process, you must submit the application form below.

What to expect from the application

  • Confirmation email: You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting the application form below.
  • One-window approach: A representative will contact you within 15 business days to organize a pre-consultation meeting. This person will be your primary point of contact throughout the process. The representative will be available every step of the way to provide expert advice and guidance to you and your team.
  • Clear instructions: After the pre-consultation meeting, you will receive a written description of all submission and consultation requirements.

Service fees

The fee schedule for the federal approval process varies according to the project level assigned by the NCC. Levels range from 1 (simplest) to 3 (most complex). The NCC assigns a level to each project using the information given in the application and pre-consultation meeting.

Project levelService fee
Level 1: Simple project with minor impact and applications for relaxations or waiving of NCC covenants$13,060 + tax
Level 2: Moderately complex project with medium impact$23,430 + tax
Level 3: Major project with high impact$59,530 + tax

The NCC may waive the FLUDTA service fee under exceptional circumstances.

Billing and payment requirements

The FLUDTA service fee is non-refundable. The NCC will send the invoice to the billing contact identified for the project. Applicable fees will be billed in two equal instalments.

  • First instalment: 50 percent of the service fee, billed after the pre-consultation meeting
  • Second instalment: Balance, billed at the end of the consultation period

Payment is required within 30 business days of the billing date.

Application form


  • Please submit one application form per project.
  • Please complete all the fields below. Incomplete information will result in partial understanding of the project scope, and will delay the process.
  • Please use the latest versions of the following browsers for the best user experience with this form: Chrome, Firefox or Safari for Mac

Before you start

Here’s what you’ll need to know to complete the application form:

  • Contact information, including the proponent, the landowner and the billing contact, as well as the lead consultant and environmental specialist, if applicable
  • Project information, including the location, footprint and budget, as well as a written description of the proposed project scope
  • Details of the type of intervention, including the type of project, the formal heritage designation and archaeological potential
  • Projected schedule for both development and implementation
  • Up to five background documents (maximum 10 MB each), such as plans and drawings in a format that can be uploaded online.

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