Do you have an idea for a name of an asset that the NCC is responsible for? Please read the toponymy policy’s stated criteria, and fill out the application form below.

The proposed name must correspond to one of the following categories:

  • Historical/patrimonial naming: Name of a place, event or cultural identity that is significant for the National Capital Region or for Canada.
  • Honorific naming: Name of a person or group of persons who has or have made a substantial contribution to the communities of the National Capital Region or of Canada
  • Indigenous naming: Name that is meaningful, traditional or new, which is significant for an Indigenous group and establishes a connection with a place (Indigenous stories, history, culture, belief system and/or connection to the land)
  • Natural / landscape features naming: Name of a natural geographical or topographical feature that is significant for the National Capital Region or for Canada.

The proposed name shall not

  • serve as advertising;
  • be discriminatory or derogatory;
  • result in inappropriate abbreviations or acronyms;
  • be phonetically similar to another named property in the National Capital Region;
  • detract from the character or integrity of the asset, or interfere with the enjoyment of its use;
  • place the NCC in conflict in terms of the acquisition or management of the property;
  • be proposed for a property that has a sponsor’s name or the name of a commemorative event or sponsorship.

Toponymy Policy

Application form

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