The NCC has launched a new universal accessibility initiative and COVID-19 contactless tool at select properties in downtown Ottawa and at the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre.


The NCC was originally seeking to increase accessibility at its properties. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to increase touchless options to support public health. Being able to control doors with a smartphone offers a safe, sanitary way to move around buildings without touching any surfaces.

ProtoDev Canada’s Contactless Access™ is an innovative new product that uses wireless control modules to create Bluetooth-enabled doors, which users can open with an app on their smartphone, tablet or MacBook.

This technology makes buildings more widely accessible to diverse users, and provides safe contactless access to businesses and buildings at a time when hands-free technology is more important than ever to public health.

How do I use Contactless Access?

Each door with contactless devices installed will have a visible QR code that users can scan with their smartphone, prompting them to download the app that controls the touchless interface. When the app is installed, users can remotely operate doors within a 2.4-m (eight-foot) range.

QR code and instructions

The free app can be downloaded online or by scanning a QR code on-site.


  • 30 Metcalfe Street
  • 100 Sparks Street
  • 519 Sussex Drive
  • 459 Sussex Drive
  • 445 Sussex Drive
  • 531 Sussex Drive
  • 3 Clarence Street
  • 12 York Street
  • 10 B York Street
  • 20 York Street
  • 35 George Street
  • Gatineau Park Visitor Centre

With more planned for the near future!

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