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Moore Farm Estate

Moore Farm Estate is about 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa via the Champlain Bridge and the Ottawa River Parkway and about 5 minutes from downtown Gatineau in the Plateau–Manoir des Trembles on busy Alexandre-Taché Boulevard. The property forms part of the NCC's Capital Urban Lands Master Plan.

Horse farm for rent near you!

3960 Albion Road, Ottawa

Horse farm for rent — in the city! This NCC farm includes approximately 11 hectares (28 acres) of land, a four-bedroom house, horse stable and barn. The property, located in the Blossom Park neighbourhood, is less than five kilometres east of the Ottawa International Airport, and only 20 minutes from the downtown core. This farm has direct access to a large urban client base, and is accessible by public transit. This property has a long history as a successful equestrian facility. Looking for new, long-term tenant to reside at and operate this urban equestrian farm.

Rental rate : $3,960 per month, plus taxes (The property tax rate is conditional on Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs qualification.)
Total area : 11.3 hectares (28 acres)
House : Single home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms
Outbuildings : Horse stable and barn
Current use : Horse farm
Suitability : Horse farm
Water supply : House is on municipal system. One dug well.

3799 Hawthorne Road

This NCC farm includes a five-bedroom house, a 9,450-square-foot dairy barn, a 5,700-square-foot machinery shed, and 60.7 hectares (150 acres) of class 4, randomly tile-drained land.

Rental rate: Monthly rate is $3495. Rental rate is conditional on Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) qualification.
Total area: 62.7 hectares (155 acres)
Cultivable area: 55.4 hectares (137 acres)
Soil type: Primarily class 4 randomly tile-drained upland sandy soil
House: Five-bedroom, one bathroom bungalow
Outbuildings: Large dairy barn, large machine shed
Current use: Conventional cash crops
Suitability: Fruits and vegetables, small livestock, apiculture, cash crops, organic cash crops
Water supply: One drilled well

Available Farms

The NCC has developed a model that provides unique opportunities for new farmers.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for farmers with the following:
  • At least two years’ (seasons’) experience on a commercial farm.
  • A solid business plan, including realistic production and marketing goals.
  • A commitment to environmental and sustainable farming practices.
  • Proof of necessary start-up resources.

Leases of up to 25 years

Ottawa is one of the premier markets for locally sourced and organic foods, with a very stable economy and great long-term growth prospects. Both community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms and farmers’ markets are expanding throughout the city. Lease rates on NCC farms are affordable, and based on the average of eastern Ontario farmland rental prices.

For additional information

Robin Turner, Real Estate Officer - Agricultural

Tel.: 613-239-5678, ext. 5412
Cell: 343-542-9969

Johanna Currie, Real Estate Management Officer

Tel.: 613-239-5678, ext. 5322
Fax: 613-539-5361

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