We at the NCC have been as busy as bees, restoring meadows and planting pollinator gardens in the Greenbelt. Since 2018, we have created six hectares of pollinator-friendly habitat by planting native perennials on brownfield and meadow sites.

Meadow restoration

In 2019–2020, we initiated projects to restore two meadows (totaling 3.8 hectares) in the Greenbelt.

The projects included the following work:

  • Seeding the sites with native Ontario plants, chosen in collaboration with the Canadian Wildlife Federation and local naturalists;
  • Creating two meadow gardens by planting a variety of native plants, like asters and milkweed, that are favoured by pollinators;
  • Adding woody debris.

The University of Ottawa is monitoring both meadows to identify which pollinator species are using the restored habitats. We have seen monarchs and other pollinators, like solitary bees, feeding on newly seeded plants.

Demonstrator pollinator beds

In the summer of 2023, we installed six demonstrator pollinator beds with plants. These pollinator gardens are not only pretty to look at but also help support pollinator species that are essential to biodiversity.

Demonstrator Bed

Many pollinator species in the National Capital Region have declined in numbers, and these gardens provide food and shelter for important species like bees, butterflies and beetles. The gardens have 15 perennial species that bloom at different times of year, to make sure that food is available for pollinators year-round.

Some of the perennials planted include:

  • New England aster
  • Purple-stemmed aster
  • Pink corydalis
  • Fireweed
  • Butterfly milkweed

All of these plants are available at local garden centres, so you can create a pollinator garden too. Come visit Green’s Creek (P27) to learn more about pollinator gardens and enjoy the beauty of the Greenbelt.

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