In partnership with FIXT POINT Arts and Media, we captured the collective community memory of LeBreton Flats, one story at a time. We interviewed past and present residents, members of the Algonquin Nation, and those who have witnessed changes at LeBreton Flats over the decades.

The following video is a collage of the audio stories and memories we heard. These generous testimonies help keep the heritage of LeBreton Flats alive as a new community emerges.

Honouring the past

On April 18, 1962, thousands of residents of LeBreton Flats learned that they would lose their homes. At the time, this was said to be necessary to address the deteriorating buildings and polluting industry within the shadow of Parliament Hill.

Sixty years later, in 2022, we reflect on this expropriation as a tragedy that displaced residents and businesses, tearing the community apart. The NCC recognizes this important date, and pays respect to the lives impacted by the expropriation. We know how important it is to honour the past — and we have made it a guiding principle of the Building LeBreton project.

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