The 2019 federal budget directed that the NCC develop a long-term integrated interprovincial crossing plan.

We are currently leading this initiative in collaboration with the City of Ottawa, Ville de Gatineau, provinces of Ontario and Quebec, transit authorities, and other stakeholders.

About the plan

The plan will confirm the vision, policies and infrastructure priorities for sustainable interprovincial travel for a 2050 planning horizon.

It will also act as a comprehensive blueprint to support decision making at all levels of government to achieve integrated and coordinated multi-modal interprovincial transportation.

This plan will consider several factors:

  • major mobility trends
  • long-term transportation needs
  • climate change
  • types of future mobility
  • the impacts of COVID-19 on regional transportation behaviour

Next steps

The plan will go through a first round of public consultations in late 2020. The final version is expected in late 2021.