Mòkaham pârk location

Mòkaham Park is a planned waterfront park that will be located on the eastern shore of Chaudières Island. It is the third of three parks to be built on the shores of the Ottawa River, as part of the Zibi development.

Revitalizing the islands and shorelines of the historic Ottawa River and increasing public access to these places are part of the NCC’s priorities.

About the park

Mòkaham means “sunrise” in Algonquin.

This park will provide unobstructed views to the east along the Ottawa River to look at the sunrise. It will be a quiet and contemplative space for people to take in the scenery near the river and Victoria Island.

The park will not be connected to the pathway network. Access will be through Zibi’s sidewalks and open public space from Booth Street.


This space will allow for small gatherings and will be perfect for quiet contemplation and greeting the rising sun. It will be a naturalized space with native trees, shrubs and plants with universally accessible pathways that lead to a modest gathering area on the eastern tip of Chaudières Island.

Project status

The park is currently in the design planning stage, which is scheduled to be completed in fall 2024. Construction is expected to begin in 2025.

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