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1 kmLoopEasy

The Dewberry Trail is in the Mer Bleue area of the Greenbelt. Mer Bleue is the largest bog and natural area in Canada’s Capital Region and the second-largest bog in southern Ontario.

Since it is only one kilometre long, the Dewberry Trail is perfect for hikers of all ages and abilities. The hike can be extended by taking one of the many other trails that link to it. This trail also passes through a young forest and an old forest, with a marked variation in habitats between the two forest types.

Recommended activities

  • Hiking
    • Free. Year-round.
  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
    • Free. December to March, conditions permitting.
  • Photography
  • Plant and wildlife observation
    • Nearby Mer Bleue Bog attracts many bird species, including the rose-breasted grosbeak and the green heron.
    • The wooden footbridge at the south of Trail 50 is an excellent spot for observing turtles, as well as several species of frog, including the bullfrog.

Trail code of ethics

Rules have been established to ensure that everyone can enjoy the area, today and in the future. Learn more here.