About the project

The NCC is keenly aware that these pathways are regarded, by residents and visitors alike, as defining assets of Canada’s Capital and that they rank among its most valued recreational assets.

The Voyageurs Pathway, from the Portage Bridge to the Canadian Museum of History, was severely damaged during the spring 2017 flood.

The work involved for the Voyageurs Pathway was significant and complex. As such, it required the cooperation of several government authorities, including multiple approvals of land access permits and environmental assessments.


Spring flooding in 2017 severely damaged a 700-m section of the Voyageurs Pathway between the Portage Bridge to the west and the Canadian Museum of History to the east.

By the end of May, the water levels receded enough to begin a full evaluation of the extent of the damage.

Severe shoreline erosion and infrastructure damage had occurred, in addition to the formation of sinkholes on this pathway.


Objectives of the repairs to these NCC assets:

  • Rehabilitate them to the required safety standards.
  • Ensure their resilience in the event of future floods.
  • Extend their life expectancy. 

General scope of the construction work:

  • Remove damaged asphalt, subbase, retaining walls and vegetation.
  • Rebuild retaining walls using rip-rap and vegetation.
  • Reinforce and replace approaches to pedestrian bridge abutments.
  • Rebuild and reinforce shoreline using rip-rap and vegetation.
  • Replace existing site furniture.
  • Clean up site and reopen pathway.

This construction work started on July 16, 2018, and was completed on December 5, 2018.