Restoration of the Tin House Court block

In the early 1960s, the NCC played a key role in heritage conservation in Canada’s Capital Region, when our staff saved the “Mile of History” (known today as Confederation Boulevard) from demolition and urban renewal. Since then, we have continued to invest in protecting the buildings and assets on Confederation Boulevard.

Our goals for this project:

  • To preserve this historic group of heritage buildings
  • To provide universal access to as many buildings as possible
  • To ensure that the new building at 7 Clarence Street is a source of pride for Canadians

The work includes:

  • restoration of facades
  • rehabilitation or replacement of windows
  • repair of roofs
  • improvements to universal accessibility
  • repairs to the foundations
  • replacement of outdated electrical and mechanical equipment
  • interior renovations

This attractive and modernized group of heritage buildings will be preserved as a legacy for future generations of Canadians.

The Tin House Court block of commercial properties is now for rent. See the listings on the Inside Edge Properties website.

Work schedule

Construction start: January 2016
Construction completion: June 2017