The Victoria Island shoreline was severely damaged, and incurred extensive erosion, as a result of the 2017 and 2019 spring floods. The northern shoreline of Victoria Island suffered a significant loss of land due to the flooding. The goal of the stabilization work was to establish a more resilient shoreline in the event of future flooding.

This project is completed. The NCC stabilized and anchored the shoreline, but did not replace loss from previous flooding events.

Map of the construction area

Scope of work

September to December 2019

  • Installation of a silt curtain, 30 cm from the water line.
  • Cleaning up of the site and removal of debris.
  • Rebuilding and reinforcing of the shoreline, using rip-rap and vegetation.
  • Excavation of the top slope to ensure stable side slopes down to the river.
  • Installation of geotextile and a small retaining wall.
  • Planting of vegetation for shoreline stabilization.

This project is part of the NCC’s major infrastructure projects made possible with the Government of Canada’s $55-million investment from the 2018 federal budget.