In June 2011, we completed the Rideau Canal Corridor Pedestrian Crossing Study, which included community involvement. It identified priority crossing locations for improvement. Since then, improvements were completed at several locations, as described below.

Queen Elizabeth Driveway at Bank Street and at Commissioners Park (2016)

The new crossovers improve access for pedestrians and cyclists on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway who want to access Lansdowne Park, the Rideau Canal Western Pathway or Commissioners Park near Dows Lake. These crossovers will also provide safe and efficient access to and from the Carling Station of the O-Train Trillium Line, Carling Transit Priority Corridor and Bank Street transit connections.

Colonel By Drive at Clegg Street (2015)

We installed a traffic light that can be activated as needed by pedestrians and cyclists. A traffic light has the advantage of controlling the flow of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and providing a higher level of comfort for those crossing. Additional pavement markings and support signage were also installed.

The Queen Elizabeth Driveway at Fifth Avenue (2014)

The improvements to the crossing point at the Queen Elizabeth Driveway and Fifth Avenue include the installation of a traffic light that is activated by pedestrians and cyclists, as needed. Additional pavement markings, a cross-ride for cyclists and support signage were also installed.

Colonel By Drive at Hartwells Locks (2013)

To ensure better safety for the many pedestrians and cyclists crossing at this location, we installed a pedestrian refuge island to allow easier and safer access to the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway and the Rideau Canal shoreline. The work also included the installation of required signage and the addition of four street lights. Pavement markings and support signage were also installed.