Commissioners Park is best known for its dazzling display of tulips in the spring, but the park is open to the public year-round. The park has five seasonal drinking fountains, which are out of order because the water mains are in need of significant repairs.

The NCC is in the process of partially replacing the park’s water systems. Work should be completed by Spring 2021. Until then, partial park closures are to be expected, to ensure public safety and security.

About the project

The water mains in Commissioners Park have reached the end of their life cycle, and are in need of significant repairs. The NCC is partially replacing the water systems, including the potable water line and the water management control systems.

The work consists of the following:

  • Installing a new potable water line for three of the five drinking fountains
  • Replacing the three selected drinking fountains for seasonal use
  • Removing the existing asphalt pad for the two remaining fountains, and reinstating topsoil and sod
  • Capping the existing water line as per the NCC process
  • Restoring the site

The work will ensure a safe water supply for park visitors.

Process and timeline

Work has begun in September 2020, and should be completed by Spring 2021. Workers will be on-site Monday to Friday, between 7 am and 5 pm.