What is remediation and capping work?

Remediation and capping involve placing a cover of new soil over contaminated areas. Such covers are called “caps.” Caps do not destroy or remove contaminants. Instead, they isolate them and keep them in place to avoid the spread of contamination. In Kingsview Park, some areas will be capped, while others will be excavated using the hydro-vac technique, and then capped. The hydro-vac technique focuses the soil removal and limits dust exposure. Disposal of the contaminated soil will be completed according to specific procedures that meet the applicable laws.

When did the NCC know about contamination in Kingsview Park?

It has been known for a long time that this site had been used as a landfill, and that there was a good chance that some contamination would be found. However, it was only in 2018, when we last tested the site, that an environmental soil sampling study clearly identified higher than the currently federally acceptable levels of lead in the soil surface in certain areas of the park.

How will you ensure that contaminants don’t end up in our backyards?

Disposal of excavated contaminated soil will be completed according to specific procedures that meet the applicable laws.

How will the work affect groundwater?

Because of the techniques we are using, and the location of the groundwater, we believe that there will be no impact on groundwater.

Landscaping and design

Why were the 2017 trees planted in this park if it was known that the soil was contaminated?

The 40 maple trees were planted in 2017 by the City of Ottawa, as part of the Canada 150 celebrations, months before it was determined in a 2018 environmental soil sampling study that the level of contamination was found to be higher than currently accepted standards . Following feedback from the community, we will incorporate the suggested relocation of a few of the new trees into the design.

Maintenance and security

What is being done to increase security in the park while work is ongoing?

To address concerns about safety and visibility while the work is being undertaken, especially along the shoreline pathway, we will install lighting at the site. Also, we are aware of residents’ concerns about potential illicit/illegal activity taking place. The overall security of the park is a joint responsibility of the Ottawa Police, the City of Ottawa and the NCC. We ask that any suspicious activities be reported to the proper authorities.

Who takes care of the maintenance of Kingsview Park?

The maintenance of Kingsview Park — and other NCC Rideau River shoreline properties from Highway 417 to Sussex Drive — is the responsibility of the City of Ottawa. The City applies its general park maintenance standards to our sites, but we can work with them to address any additional areas of concern in terms of maintenance. For any questions and concerns, you can communicate directly with the City of Ottawa via its 3-1-1 line, or contact the NCC’s client services at info@ncc-ccn.ca, and our staff will ensure that appropriate action is taken.

What is the potential impact on our health?

With regard to contaminated sites, the potential health impact has to be determined on a case-by-case basis. For specific details about the potential impact on your health, please visit the Health Canada website.

Project details

Why was the fence installed in May 2019 if work was not to be undertaken until the fall?

The fence was installed to prevent the public from exposure to contaminated soil until the remediation could be completed. Once the capping work is done, the fence will be removed and may be replaced by a lower landscape fence to protect the restored areas.

When will we be able to access the park?

You can access the park, except for the fenced areas, anytime while work is ongoing. We expect that the park will be fully accessible by summer 2020.

How long does the capping last?

The durability of the cap can vary, depending on many factors. The life span of the capping work in Kingsview Park is expected to be between 60 and 70 years.

Can the electrical cables be buried, or other additional changes be made, while you are doing the work?

The project scope includes the remediation, capping and landscaping work already identified. Due to budget limitations, it will not be possible to proceed with additional changes to the scope of work. We do, however, take note of this comment and will make sure to pass along this information to the appropriate people.

How will the community be informed about the project as it goes forward?

We will update our website as needed, and will be keeping the community informed via messages to the community association. You can also contact the NCC’s client services at info@ncc-ccn.ca if you have any questions or concerns.