NCC Bistro signage at Patterson Creek Park.

In 2019, in partnership with local restaurant entrepreneurs, the NCC launched a pilot project to enhance people’s experience of our urban parks and shorelines. As part of this project, we opened bistros featuring an assortment of food and beverage options in two locations: Confederation Park and Remic Rapids Park. A third bistro opened at Patterson Creek Park in summer 2021.

NCC Bistros: Location, Hours and Menu

The latest on the project

The NCC is conducting an evaluation of the NCC Bistro pilot project, including all three bistro locations.


The NCC Bistro pilot project at Patterson Creek Park was originally scheduled to launch in 2019. In response to concerns raised by members of the neighbouring community, the NCC held an on-site consultation in June 2019, and the NCC Ombudsman launched an investigation into the concerns. The findings were published in March 2020. To allow for more engagement with the community, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening was postponed.

In January 2021, the NCC reached an agreement with local residents. With feedback from community members and park users over the past two years, this agreement has addressed concerns, and enhanced the experience for park visitors.

About the NCC Bistro at Patterson Creek Park

The NCC Bistro at Patterson Creek Park is located in a beautifully landscaped park, next to a tranquil creek in Ottawa’s family-friendly Glebe neighbourhood. The creek flows into the adjacent Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which, in summer months, is popular with runners, walkers and cyclists. In response to feedback from members of the community, the NCC made several changes to the proposed design, operations and site management of the NCC Bistro at Patterson Creek Park.

Site design

  • Instead of installing repurposed shipping containers and temporary outdoor washrooms on-site, the NCC housed the bistro in the Patterson Creek Park Pavilion. As part of this adaptive re-use, the NCC also did the following:
    • consulted with heritage experts to ensure that changes made to the building were consistent with the historic character of the pavilion and its surroundings
    • made modular design improvements to the building, including making it universally accessible, in order that winter use of the pavilion could resume during the Rideau Canal Skateway season.
  • The design reduces the site footprint (excluding paths and walkways) from 232 m2 to 93 m2 (2,500 to 1,000 square feet), and features a small exterior patio seating area.
  • No trees were removed as part of the project.
  • Only low-wattage, candle-type lighting was used on tables and to identify walkways, as required for safety and security.


The Patterson Creek Park bistro opened in July 2021.

In addition:

  • The capacity of the bistro was limited to 40 guests.
  • Delivery hours were restricted.
  • All fencing, planters and furniture were removed at the end of the operating season.

Site management

The NCC committed to the following site management provisions:

  • No loudspeakers, amplified music or sound, radio or television, or ambient music on the premises.
  • No glass bottles sold or permitted on-site.
  • Only limited food preparation on-site (small appliances, no additional ventilation).
  • A sufficient number of waste disposal bins installed on-site.
  • Garbage removed daily, and additional on-site signage to remind guests to properly dispose of their garbage.
  • All patio elements maintained in good condition throughout the operating season.

Next steps

A report is now available on this page which summarizes the input we received, as well as how we implemented it.

In fall 2021, at the end of the operating season, the NCC launched an evaluation of the NCC Bistro program. The feedback collected over the summer will inform the review and evaluation of the NCC Bistro pilot project as a whole in winter 2022.