The Mud Lake conservation area was severely affected by the 2017 and 2019 floods. As part of this project, the NCC will replace the existing pedestrian bridge, and rehabilitate a section of trail in the southeast section of Mud Lake.

Impacts of project

The pedestrian bridge will be closed to the public from October 13, 2022, to summer 2024.

Tree removal will be necessary in the immediate vicinity of the new bridge location to accommodate construction. This will be done selectively in order to remove only what is absolutely necessary. Compensatory tree planting will take place during the trail rehabilitation, after a thorough review by our forestry team.

Native cut wood and debris will be dispersed in suitable areas among the existing vegetation. Following the recommendation of our biologists, small native trees that are close to the water will simply be pushed over into Mud Lake to support the habitat.

About the project

This project is informed by the recommendations in the 2004 Mud Lake–Britannia Conservation Area Plan. It will complete the overall trail network and improve universal accessibility standards. 

  • New pedestrian bridge: More resilient to floods and universally accessible.
  • Improved trail section: Supports vegetation management efforts, wider (from 1 metre to 1.5 metres) and universally accessible.

Process and timeline

Phase 1: Fall 2022

  • Demolition of the existing floating pedestrian bridge.

Phase 2: Summer 2023–Fall 2023

  • Improvements to the trail network and replacement of the viewing platform
  • Rehabilitation of the twin culverts near the Britannia water purification plant.

Phase 3: Fall 2023–Summer 2024

  • Installation of the new prefabricated steel pedestrian bridge.
  • Planting of trees will happen in spring 2024.

This project is part of the NCC’s major infrastructure projects made possible with the Government of Canada’s $52.4-million investment from the 2020 federal budget.

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