These projects follow the Government of Canada’s $55 million investment announced in the 2018 federal budget.

This investment in support of critical repair and maintenance will assist the NCC in ensuring that major infrastructure assets remain safe, resilient and enjoyable for current and future generations of residents and visitors to Canada’s Capital Region.

The NCC’s major infrastructure projects will see two phases:

  • Phase 1, 2018–19: planning and design, disbursing approximately $13 million
  • Phase 2, 2019–20: execution and construction, disbursing approximately $42 million

Regular status updates will be provided to the public and media representatives as projects move forward.

The NCC will continue to work with the Government of Canada and all of its partners and stakeholders to ensure that infrastructure and other valuable federal assets are restored and maintained to meet the needs of Canadians, as they define the symbolic, natural and cultural significance of Canada’s Capital Region.

Pathways and Flooding

The NCC will invest approximately $6 million into the restoration of multiple pathways and infrastructures severely impacted by the spring 2017 flood.

Ecological restoration in the Lac-des-Fées Pathway area

The ecological restoration project in the Lac-des-Fées Pathway area aimed to enhance ecological integrity and reduce habitat fragmentation.

Voyageurs Pathway Repairs

The Voyageurs Pathway, which suffered severe damage in last year’s devastating flood, was rebuilt to higher standards, increasing resiliency in preparation for future extreme weather events. It reopened on December 5, 2018.

De l'Île Pathway

The De l’Île Pathway, which had some significant heaving and cracking issues, has been rehabilitated to ensure a safe and stable pathway for all users.

Champlain Node

The Champlain Bridge parking lot, an aging key parking area which partially collapsed after the 2017 flood, was moved, rehabilitated and made more resilient.

Leamy Lake electrical distribution system

The Leamy Lake electrical distribution system, badly damaged during the spring 2017 flood, will be rehabilitated sustainably to a higher flood-proof standard in order to ensure resiliency in the event of future floods.

Britannia Pathway Wall Rehabilitation

A 560-metre section of the Britannia pathway wall between Kempster Avenue and Maplehurst Avenue will be rehabilitated to increase its resiliency and longevity.

Shoreline erosion on Victoria Island

Stabilization work will prevent further erosion and improve shoreline protection.


The NCC will invest $21.8 million approximately into the restoration of bridges.

Widening of Cycle Track and Resurfacing of Portage Bridge

The widening of the cycle track and the rehabilitation of the asphalt surface of the Portage Bridge will improve safety and user comfort.

Replacement of the Kichi Zībī Mīkan LeBreton Bridge

The replacement of the Kichi Zībī Mīkan LeBreton Bridge with a new structure will improve safety and user comfort.

Rehabilitation of the Hog’s Back Swing Bridge

As many of the bridge’s components have reached the end of their life cycle, the bridge will be rehabilitated to extend the remaining service life by 20 to 30 years. This rehabilitation will provide a reliable and durable bridge.


The NCC will invest approximately $12.8 million into the restoration of buildings.

Revitalization of the NCC River House, 501 Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway

To protect this heritage building — a historic landmark — and to make it universally accessible for all to enjoy year-round, several elements will be restored.

Foundation and structural repairs as well as interior repairs and upgrades are necessary to protect this important asset in the ByWard Market, because of building foundation settling and sinking.
Repairs to this building include upgrades to the exterior envelope, HVAC system and elevator, allowing the preservation of this recognized federal heritage building.
This project will allow some of the building’s dated units to be renovated and updated to limit operating costs and ensure preservation of this important asset on Confederation Boulevard.

Roads, Parkways and Walls

The NCC will invest approximately $6.7 million into the restoration of multiple roads, parkways and walls.

O’Brien–Willson access road

The rehabilitation of the 1.4-kilometre access road to the O’Brien House and Willson House will improve safety, operation and maintenance.

Philippe Lake Parkway

The rehabilitation work on the Philippe Lake Parkway, one of the main arteries in Gatineau Park, will improve drainage operation and maintenance.

Kingswood access road

Constructed in 1950, this road leads to the Kingswood Cottage, a recognized federal heritage building. Most needed is work on the service road and the hydro line.

Blair Road boat launch

The Blair Road boat launch is located near a gravel parking lot adjacent to the NCC’s Ottawa River multi-use pathway. This location is a great spot for launching smaller boats to explore the river and nearby islands.


Green space and tree rehabilitation

Investment of approximately $4.5 million will start implementation of replanting strategies, as progress is made toward completing the management of the emerald ash borer’s devastating infestation.

Restoring the Site of the Watts Creek Sewage Treatment Plant

In 2014, to address public safety concerns, the NCC began phase 1 of a project to decommission the Watts Creek Sewage Treatment Plant. Phase 2 continued in late 2018, and the site was renaturalized in July 2019.

Repairs to Commissioners Park water systems

The NCC is in the process of partially replacing the park’s water systems. Work should be completed by the end of fall 2020. Until then, partial park closures are to be expected, to ensure public safety and security.

Monuments, commemorations and public art

The NCC will invest approximately $1.5 million for long-deferred life cycle interventions

Great Lakes Fountain

To breathe new life into this structure, a lighting system was installed which will mimic the flow of water.

Rehabilitation of the Colonel By Fountain

The goal of these infrastructure improvements is to rehabilitate the fountain to ensure the future enjoyment by the public of this key feature of Confederation Park.